Zheng Chunhui Shocks the World – Tree Trunks Have Seldom Been This Beautiful

When viewed from a distance, Zheng Chunhui’s sculpture might seem like your regular gigantic tree trunk. As you begin to inch closer, however, you start noticing all the details. There are buildings, trees, bridges and boats, all immaculately carved and perfectly positioned. And the most impressive part of this enormous work of art are only noticed if you’re standing right next to it – the tiny people, about 550 of them!

This fascinating wooden sculpture was officially unveiled at Beijing’s Palace Museum on November 14, 2013. It was based off one of the most popular Chinese paintings called “Along the River During the QingMing Festival”, and it was made out of a single, 40-feet long and 10-feet tall tree trunk! The artist, Zheng Chunhui, claims it took him four years to complete it.

The sculpture was promptly awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest wooden carving. It still resides in the Palace Museum, not far from the painting it was based upon.