Werewolves spotted in forests and parks all over the world!

Just like in the old fables and legends, these wolves have been seen roaming the forests with blood dripping from their shining fangs that are locked into a permanent snarl. But there is something different about these werewolves. They are always spotted on leashes, walking with humans, in an almost peaceful manner.

These werewolves are actually just dogs that are wearing the ever more popular werewolf muzzle. These have grown to be widely used, especially in areas where muzzles are required for any dogs that are out on walks. This muzzle has been designed from non-toxic materials and allows your dog to open its mouth so that it can pant freely. Not only that, but this little muzzle can even turn your cute little poodle into a threat against anyone who is trying to attack you. Just make sure you don’t let your dog roam free in this, you might get a few panicked calls from animal control or from a concerned gun owner.

Image credits: Alexey Kurulyov