The Heroic Stray Dogs That Saved The Soldiers. Got the Most Incredible Reward!

Sergeant Chris Duke and his fellow National Guardsmen were serving in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber attempted an attack on their military base in the middle of the night. But little did Chris Duke know that the three stray dogs he had been taking care of, feeding and compassionately offering them the warm touch of a human hand, ever since his arrival at this base in Afghanistan, would turn out to be guardian angels to all 50 soldiers camped there.

Detecting the imminent danger, the two adult dogs named Target and Rufus as well as the puppy named Sasha started to bark loudly, waking up the soldiers. But they did more than that, as they heroically blocked the attacker from entering the camp, by powerfully biting his leg. The suicide bomber was taken by surprise by the commendable act of these poor stray dogs and was actually forced to detonate the bomb before entering the US army camp. Thanks to these three hero canine angels, all soldiers managed to survive that awful night.

Sadly though and despite immediate care from the army medical doctor, Sasha the puppy lost her life due to extensive injuries sustained during the blast. The two adult dogs fortunately responded to treatment and fully recovered. Immediately after the end of his deployment in Afghanistan and arrival in his Georgia home, Sergeant Chris Duke became utterly determined to save these two hero dogs from the streets of Afghanistan and bring them to the US, where they would finally get their forever homes. With the support of the organization Hope for the Warriors, an impressive $21,000 was raised to cover the transport of the to dogs from Afghanistan to the US.

The tearful and much-anticipated reunion held in Atlanta, Georgia made headlines across the nation, as the two special dogs and soldiers finally succeeded in offering them the only reward worthy of their heroic status. Sgt. Chris Duke and his wife proudly adopted Rufus, while the army doctor gave Target his forever home in the US.

Learn more about a truly heart-melting and inspirational story centered around the idea that a miraculous friendship between people and dogs can literally save lives, and this goes both ways – human and dog lives.

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