Love Retro Fashion? Check Out What You Can Wear from These Amazing Vintage Blankets!

There’s a new fashion trend for men that is taking the entire world by storm. Etsy seller Schuyler Ellers who runs the Lord von Schmitt shop on the site makes colorful patterned crochet shorts for men that are nothing short of dapper and fashionable. The best thing about these creations is that he makes them out of recycled vintage blankets!

Ellers’ designs run the gamut from form-hugging cropped pants, capris, short-shorts to swanky bell-bottoms that pack some serious personality. The funky threads are made primarily from afghan crochet blankets that he transforms with just a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. He got the idea to recreate these fun and colorful blankets into wearable pieces in Barcelona, Spain, where he learned to knit. From there, it was easy to create garments from crocheted pieces, something that he described as similar to jumping ‘a level in a video game.
These pieces are not just colorful pieces of wearable art. Ellers actually wears them to parties, but they make for great sleepwear as well. A lot of men probably agree with him, since he gets orders for his crochet creations from all over the world.