You Wouldn’t Believe What These Pods are Being Used For!

More and more people are getting into the green and sustainable lifestyle today and even the funeral industry is following suit. Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel designed a unique project that will turn human remains into fertilizers from which new trees can grow. Called the Capsula Mundi project, the idea is to use special pods or capsules which will house the remains for burial. These pods are organic and biodegradable which means they will decompose with time. A seed is then placed over the capsule once it is buried and when the capsule degrades, the seed can use the nutrients in the body so that it can grow into a full and mature tree.
This amazing idea is just a prototype for now since Italian laws prohibit these kinds of burials. But who knows, a few years from now, depressing graveyards could be a thing of the past, replaced by rows and rows of trees that not only provide fresh air and shade, but also serve as comforting memorials of our dead.



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