This neat plastic bag trick will turn your life around. literally!

This neat plastic bag trick will turn your life around…literally!

All of us have ever struggled with the plastic bag problem. What’s that you ask? It is a sort of disease where we store an endless number of plastic bags in drawers or cabinets with the hope of them being useful at some point in the near future. Does this near future materialize? Yes, no and maybe. Our love for storing plastic bags can be so bad that a point reaches where you throw in your plastic bag and quickly shove that drawer shut because of all the messiness that is inside.

Just how can we solve this dilemma? Well, get those plastic bags out and get your hands ready because this neat trick is going to change how you look at life from now onwards. I’m not kidding, I can literally hear my drawers and cabinets thanking me every time I open them. There’s a couple of other handy little tricks in the video that are sure to be of help as well, but make sure you watch it up to the very end to see the plastic bag trick!