“Supercat” Nurses Fellow Cats back to Health

Introducing Rademenes! This little moggy came into a Polish animal shelter as a two month old kitten with little chance of survival. A nasty respiratory infection nearly sent this kitty to his early grave. Though most would have given up hope, his owners included, the dedicated staff at the shelter fought to keep Rademenes alive. The lucky cat battled too, and finally recovered.

Since his recovery the cat has become part of the family, being officially adopted by the animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, north Poland. He was isolated during his illness, and it seemed to miss the company he was deprived of.

Since his reintroduction to the other animals of the shelter he has made himself the head nurse. He cuddles up to any animal that comes into the shelters. With plenty of purring, he will curl himself up to cats and dogs recovering from surgery or illness. He has become quite the healing tool in the shelter, priding himself on providing great comfort to animals in need.