Wow Alert: Feel The Magic Brought to You By Jennifer Lopez and Her Spellbinding Projector Gown!

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented entertainer with a unique and celebrated sense of style that she proudly flaunts not only at various award ceremonies, movie premieres and showbiz galas, but also during her dazzling live performances. The Bronx-born curvalicious diva is notorious for her love affair with eye-popping, plunging gowns created by renowned fashion designers ( just remember that famous, ultra-revealing Versace green chiffon dress that JLo donned at the 2000 Grammy Awards).

Although Jennifer Lopez’s vocal range is not one of her greatest assets, the fabulous, age-defying mega-star continues to make headlines all over the globe with her impeccable, stunning live shows. Her much-publicized performance of the inspiring ballad ” Feel the Light” ( from the 3D animated comedy “Home”, in which JLo voices Lucy Tucci, the mother of Rihanna’s character Tip) on the popular talent show “American Idol” took the concept of a diva live show to the next level, literally.

Donning a tech-savvy, one-of-a-kind projector screen ball gown and oozing sensuality, Jennifer Lopez delivered a bigger-than-life performance of ” Feel The Light”. Needless to say that, despite her flawless makeup and chic bun, her surreal princess dress totally stole the show, as all eyes were on this magic-filled white gown that left all viewers in awe. According to the her stylists, this majestic ensemble is actually a Misha designer dress with an enormous, 20-foot radius skirt attached to it and looking like a circular, never-ending train that virtually took over the whole stage.

During her commendable performance, images and special effects from the 2015 animated movie “Home” were artfully projected on-stage and thus onto this giant, dazzling white skirt, adding a new dimension to her lauded stage presence. The purpose of this unique live show was to visually convey the uplifting message of the song (i.e. “Shining like stars tonight”) in a captivating, yet elegant and aesthetically-appealing manner.

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