Her Father Walks Her Down the Aisle: Watch How She Surprises the Groom

As much as a wedding is more of a formal ceremony, it should not limit your creativity of putting your personal spin on it. While some creativity can lead to questionable results, something extremely mind-boggling can come out of it. In particular, one wedding has gone viral, and all credit goes to Maria HolandTosse. Maria decided to break every existing rule in the way she surprised every present guest including her husband. As she walked down the aisle, Maria staged a mind blowing performance of Alesund Church that left all in a gaze. Watch how the groom can’t take his eyes off her. The rendition is just so beautiful you might need a tissue. It may not be the first time you see a bride’s performance in a wedding, but after watching this spectacular performance, you will understand why it stands so special! That is what we can call serious wedding planning.