Homemade Cough Drops as Cool as Candy Crush

When you are sick with cold and wracking cough, all you would want to do is cuddle up under the blanket with a game of candy crush, maybe. Now, speaking of candies, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were home spun ones custom made to soothe your sore throat. With nature’s bounty well within our homes, it is absolutely possible to whip up something natural and healthy.

Like the cough drops or sweet candy with a delicious mix of ginger, clove, and honey. Each of these ingredients has properties that heal and ease the symptoms of flu, cough, and cold. And they are tasty to boot. They are definitely cheaper than heaping up store bought ones.

After trying this delicious and incredibly easy way of making cool candies, you will drop the idea of ever running to a store to pick up a candy. And what’s more, you can mix them with a glass of warm water and drink it for quicker relief from sore throat. Easy peasy!