Hey Sugar, Maroon 5 as Your Wedding Crashers?

Weddings are occasions that are planned down to the ditty details. From the seating arrangements to the choice of flowers, and the list of coveted guests and their roles, every nitty gritty is mapped months in advance to avoid any last-minute fiasco.

But, how does one prepare for a heart-thumping surprise of having Adam Levine perform at your wedding? Gate crashed, to be precise. You hit the floor running and squealing with dance moves to match the foot-tapping rhythm set by Maroon 5. That’s how!

Dressed immaculately in black suits and armed with killer looks, the band of Maroon 5 stunned a slew of wedding parties with a performance of a lifetime. Their pleasant surprise left the brides momentarily gasping for breath. But they soon recovered to revel in the lucky and the most beautiful interlude a resplendent bride can dream of on her wedding day – a romantic sung by the man himself! It was not pure imagination!


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