Forget Salsa and the Tango, the Forro is the latest sexiest dance form to hit the floor!

Forget the sexy Salsa or the sensuous Tango that the entire world knows about. It’s time to savor the latest, breathtaking gift from Brazil to the world – the Forro!

What is the Forro? Well, it is a high on energy and extremely pleasant-on-eyes form of music and dance, that originated in the north-eastern regions of Brazil. Influenced by the other popular Brazilian dance routines like the Samba-Rock and the Salsa, the Forro is (thankfully) nothing like either of them. In fact, it is the ideal mix of the energetic moves of the Samba and the insanely passionate steps of the Salsa! Watch this video where the couple charges up the entire dance floor and the people watching them dance, with their excellent and highly accomplished moves of the Forro.

It’s beautiful, it’s extraordinary, it’s nothing like you have watched before! Those who have watched this video before, know that after the Tango and the Salsa, the Forro is going to redefine what we know as sexy dancing. Check it out for yourselves!