Amazing Artwork created from Something That Will Blow Your Mind!

Think of a painting. What comes to your mind? A blank canvas, oil, pencil, charcoal, paintbrush, a palette, and the list goes on. Here lies the most incredible artwork made from something you least expected, or never thought was possible. A closer look will leave you in awe once you realize what these works of art were crafted from! Moreover, upon finding out the beautiful story of the person behind this queer masterpiece. Art has the prowess to give inspiration and bring color to the world, but does not even come close in the way it has given hope and ignited passion on a human born with cerebral palsy! Paul Smith suffered this condition all his life, but things changed when he started anew at the Rose Haven Nursing Center in Oregon. He devoted his time to creating something almost unimaginable as he expressed himself in the most surprising way. Paul has overcome both the hindrances of the disease, and all other art materials that can be used to come up with an astounding work of art! Do you have any idea yet what this unusual medium is?